mr88 Recover with your deserved bonus up to MYR 4288

MYR 4,288 Weekly Rescue Bonus

Recover with your deserved bonus up to MYR 4,288 !

Promotion Period
1st January 2024 (00:00:00 GMT+8) – 31st March 2024 (23:59:59 GMT+8)

Who To Qualify
This promotion is open to all members.

Event Details

  1. To qualify for this promotion, members are required to apply manually after reaching the weekly loss amount listed below in the same week.
  2. Failure to apply in the same week will result in disqualification for the current week’s rescue bonus.
  3. The weekly period of the accumulation of weekly loss amount is from Monday, 24:00:00 (GMT+8) until Sunday, 23:59:59 (GMT+8) every week.
  4. Only Net Loss is eligible for the calculation of weekly rescue bonus. (Net Loss = Gross Loss – Bonus – Rebate).
Game ProviderVIP LevelRequirementRescue BonusTurnover RequirementHow To Claim
All Providers except Allbet, 918Kiss, Mega888, TC Gaming, GDL, QQKeno & WS168AllMYR 5,000 – MYR 7,499.99 Weekly Loss AmountMYR 18810xClaim it from the “Promo Code” column on transfer page
MYR 7,500 – MYR 9,999.99 Weekly Loss AmountMYR 238
Game ProviderVIP LevelRequirementRescue %Rescue BonusTurnover RequirementHow To Claim
All Providers except Allbet, 918Kiss, Mega888, GDL, TC Gaming, QQKeno & WS168JadeMYR 10,000 Weekly Loss Amount5%MYR 58810xContact Customer Service
Rose GoldMYR 888
RubyMYR 1,288
SapphireMYR 1,688
EmeraldMYR 2,688
RoyalMYR 4,288

How To Apply

  1. Click “Apply Now” button on the promotion page after reaching the requirement.
  2. Fill in your Name, Phone Number, and Preferred Provider.
  3. The bonus will be credited to members’ preferred wallet on the following Monday after successful verification.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion is subject to availability and only applicable to game providers stated above.
  2. The bonus(s) provided by this promotion can only be claimed ONCE per week, and it will be credited to members’ account / members’ selected game provider’s wallet after Customer Service confirmation.
  3. Only wager that generate a win/loss outcome is considered as a valid bet and is eligible for the turnover requirement, cancelled or voided wager and wager that placed on two opposite sides will not be counted as a valid bet and is not eligible for the turnover requirement.
  4. Members are required to fulfill the turnover requirement stated above before transfer or withdrawal can be carried out.
  5. The bonus(s) provided by this promotion is ONLY valid for seven (7) days upon issuance, unless stated otherwise. Should the participating member fail to fulfil required prerequisites within the given time frame, all money won (including bonuses) using bonus funds will be revoked.
  6. Members who have applied for a promotion for a certain provider are not permitted to make a second transfer to the same provider while the promotion is still ongoing. Members can only do so if they have met the turnover requirement or if the promotion has been cancelled.
  7. Placing outright bets with any sports provider using the bonus is not allowed. Placing any ongoing outright bets using the bonus will lead to the cancellation and forfeiture of bet.
  8. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other me88 promotions.
  9. me88 reserves the right to alter, cancel, suspend or terminate the promotion and/or change the terms of said promotion at any time without prior notice.
  10. Promotions are for entertainment purposes only, if founded that the member has more than one account, including same name, same email address, same/similar ip address, same home address, same bank account, same computer and so on with abnormal betting behavior and has any non-entertainment use for profit-making, once discovered, me88 will retain the right to freeze the account along with profit and balance.
  11. Any individual / team / organization suspected of using dishonest means or fraud for the purpose of cheating/ abuse of bonus, once verified, me88 reserves the right to freeze the relevant account profits and balances.
  12. Participating members must accept and comply with all the terms mentioned above as well as all relevant rules and regulations implemented by me88.
  13. General me88 Terms & Conditions apply.